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Artisan Boutique

                                       Rene Inman

Rene Inman has worked in murals, painting "grise" and other painting. Currently a fabric sculptor/painter, she continues to be involved in the arts, she is always searching for new techniques and mediums. Rene discovered Paverpol and started creating sculptures from fabric. She received her certification as a Paverpol Instructor and teaches fabric sculpting. Her artwork can be found on-line and in local shops.  Rene always hoped that one day she could open a small studio/retail outlet to provide local artisans a space to showcase their work. 

Helen Michlik

For the most part, a self-taught artist working in pastels, watercolors, acrylics, oils, and encaustics, Helen has always had a passion for art, drawn & painted most of her life. Helen has taken fine arts courses and participated in workshops at Niagara College, Mohawk College, and The Niagara Pumphouse Visual Art Centre. Has studied the philosophy of art at Mohawk College. Her primary interest lies in portraiture and life drawing.Eager to pass along her knowledge and enthusiasm for art, Helen gives private lessons, oil painting classes, and has conducted encaustic painting and life drawing workshops at The Niagara Pumphouse Visual Art Centre. Volunteers conducting  art classes at schools and painting demonstrations in the community.

She has illustrated a cookbook, two children’s books and is currently illustrating a third with a local writer. A resident of St. Catharines, Helen has exhibited her works at various venues in Niagara, and is an active member of the St. Catharines Art  Association and the Niagara Pumphouse Visual Art Centre. Helen is involved with organizing a group of artists and writers for annual “Poets & Painters” events and along with a group of plein air painters, explores  and captures the beautiful Niagara Peninsula in her art.

Cheryl Chiarelli

I am Cheryl Chiarelli, the proprietor of Coconut Quartz based in Niagara-on-the- lake, ON. I create unique, one of a kind, classic and free spirited wearable art. I combine earth elements such as crystal gemstones with a vintage appeal which are inspired by nature & raw materials. Some of my favourite items to use are raw crystals that I gather/mine myself in Northern Ontario.I also make natural, ethically sourced lip balms with essential oils.

Each item is handmade with love, positive energy, and cleansing properties.

Donna D'Amboise
Donna D'Amboise, born, raised and a current resident of St. Catharines, is a designer and creator of handmade fabric items. Donna hand selects each piece of 100% cotton fabric for her creations, with special attention given to quality, texture, current style/prints and to colours that coordinate well. She adds embellishments to give each item its own special “one of a kind” look. You can see the complete collection of her fabric creations online at Etsy Shop, PicketfencePastimes and you can follow Donna on Facebook and Instagram.

Elspeth Cameron

Elspeth Cameron has painted in oil and acrylic, but she mostly engages with watercolour.  She has studied painting since childhood when she took classes with Mrs. Harvie in Barrie.  In Grade 8 she won an award at the CNE art competition for a large mural of Queen Elizabeth.  She has taken classes at U of T in Botanical Watercolour (1997), Scarborough's Continuing Education (2000), Toronto School of Art (1999-2000), Niagara's Linda Hankin (2004), and Susan Winthrop at the Niagara Pumphouse (2001-03).  She has exhibited at the Bleu Turtle restaurant and the Welland Community Centre.  Not surprisingly, since she is a biographer, she is especially drawn to portraits of people and animals.

Kayla Benner

Kayla Benner is a potter working out of her home studio in Port Colborne, ON.  She studied ceramics at Sheridan College as part of the Craft and Design program, and graduated in 2011.  She has experience working as an apprentice for potter Timothy Smith of Gleason Brook Pottery in Wiarton, ON. Kayla now makes functional earthenware pottery, selling her wares out of her studio, online, and at several markets and shows around the Niagara Region.

Dave and Jennifer Campbell

UpCycle Canada started small.  We began with one mandate - to only used unwanted, discarded and broken items, recreating these items into new creations.  Using discarded materials forces us to be creative and the end product is truly a unique, one of one item - nothing we do is mass produced.Our signs are crafted and painted by hand.  We can colour match, customize and deliver a great one of one sign for your event, business, home or family.We have built a variety of items from car storage accessories, store fixtures, garbage/recycle bins, furniture, kitchen islands, tv stands, crates, trays, wine carriers and we have even hand lettered a set of stairs at the Keefer Mansion for wedding photos.There are faster, easier and more costly methods to do what we do.  We could buy a printer to make our signs, we could buy new, straight clean wood from a big box store, but we choose everyday to take something unwanted and recreate it into something new.  Our motto - Yesterday's items, Reborn!

Tuscany Concrete by Design 
A Family with A Passion for Creativity

Tuscany Concrete by Design is a family owned and operated company that showcases at local galleries and handmade art shows throughout Ontario. With two small studios, one in Fernleigh and the other in Niagara Falls, we create unique handmade concrete furniture and home décor including tables, benches, fire pit tables, candles holders, coasters, knitting bowls and much more.Our moulds are handmade, and all our designs are developed from anything found in nature and whenever possible we use leaves, grasses and sand adding to the natural elements in the design. Using concrete, different colour stains, unique handmade moulds, and hand created artwork, each piece we create is a one-of-a-kind piece of art. All our pieces are designed for indoor or outdoor use, and can be customized to your specific size.

Susan Holly

Stained Glass has become a passion in my heart that I throughly enjoy, I started my journey down an artists trail at an early age, always drawing and creating, a trail that lead me to Ontario College of Art and on to a creative work career in retail merchandising and art. Retiring in the Niagara Region, I decided to try my hand at stain glass at Niagara College, a decision I have never regretted. I have taken courses all over Ontario as well as following the art into the USA for various courses and supplies. Recently, I have participated in various art and artisan shows in the Niagara region. I find that my adventures in glass have allowed me to develop my design and thought skills far beyond what I ever expected. My works are one of a kind, derived from my drawings, ideas put in motion through the colours, lines and movement in the glass. It allows me to grow with every new piece and in doing this I can pass some of this enjoyment onto others.

Debra A. Willis Koabel

Debra is a semi-retired, Niagara Falls artist. Creative from a young age, drawing, crafting, knitting, crocheting, quilting and painting in watercolour, oils and acrylic, she now focuses in painting animals in acrylic on canvas or wood. While she was a member of the "Art of Animals" a portion of art sold benefitted local cats and dogs. A teacher of painting for over 23 years she had the honour of representing Canadian artists at Disneyworld's Epcot Centre (Canadian Pavillion) in her early years of designing pattern packets for other artists, as well as teaching at conventions in Toronto and Montreal. Two of her designs were accepted for publication in a Canadian Painting magazine. Although retired from teaching and designing she still paints, her work can be viewed on Facebook - dawksart.

Barry Smith

Born in Scotland and raised in Niagara, the kilted photographer has always had a flair for humour and wit.  He uses this for a lot of his photo titles.  Without any formal training, Barry has found his own unique photography style using natural light.  The photographs come to life like a fresh painting on canvas.  A past St. Catharines Art Award nominee, Barry’s pictures can be found on display throughout Niagara at various art shows and galleries.  His skills have also been used at large events, weddings and for building websites.

Albirg Creations
As a working artist since 1966, mostly as  a commercial artist working in advertising . In my spare time I found my solace in creating original artwork which now dress up the walls of many homes throughout the world. Each piece has its own story to tell. Creating gave me comfort and a feeling of self fulfillment. Often times life can be very cruel and roads hard to handle. To find something to lighten your way is truly a blessing. My ”trip” is ongoing, it is absolutely never ending art. Whenever the mood arises I create, never the same mood. It can be sadness, ecstacy, pain, fear, rage, grief, humor, love, whatever triggers the urge to express myself . Perhaps this is the best way to express my feelings. It is for this reason there is such a variety of styles in my artwerkz . Hopefully I inspire others, no matter what age to at least test their creative juices? Having achieved many goals of late I thank my partner in life and work Al Ludlow for helping me accomplish them, as well as my children Jason and Janine Stoll and anyone else who has shared my life journey. It hasn’t been easy. At the end of the day it really doesn’t matter how good you are, it’s how you got there that counts. To have a little piece of my original art or otherwise shared with the world truly fills my heart with pride and I so grateful. 

Tina LaSelva - Jewellery Artist

Joe Speck - Fuse Glass Artist

Steve Chiarelli - Photographer

Olga P Studio - Pottery

Ice Syrup - Niagara Grape Syrup

Jo Holden - Weaver

Deedee Alexandre - Painter/Knitter

Jocko P - Creative Fish

Jean Parent - Poured Acrylic Painter

Joe Prytula - WeeBee Houses

Knotty By Nature - Macrame

Tony Vandermaas - Writer

Keith Inman - Poet

Sarah Tackabury - Recycler

Sophisciated Steel - Upcycle Silver Jewellery