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How to Surround Yourself with Beautiful Things

How to Surround Yourself with Beautiful Things

Submitted By: Cheryl Gordon

Our grandparents lovingly knitted, painted, hammered and sewed to create a house full of treasures that reflected their unique journeys.  Now, the fashion is to reject these “antiques” and regularly redecorate based on the latest trends.  The mass produced “stuff” that represents the new fashion has also burdened our environment with its manufacture and transportation and will end up in the landfill in perhaps just a few years.

Many conscientious consumers are re-thinking this practice and are re-discovering the joys of building a home from beautiful, unique items that each have a memory or story attached. 

Stores, like Chapel Street Designs, seeks out artisans who create one of a kind gifts and art pieces.  They are made right here in Niagara, reducing the environmental impact and injecting resources back into our community.  Unearthing a painting, sculpture or pottery piece that sparks joy for you will add a special, welcoming energy to your home.  Each piece has its own story and you can share in that for years to come as you admire or use it. 

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